DECISIVE project proposal, coordinated by Anne Tremier (Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l’Environnement et l’Agriculture) submited for evaluation at H2020-WASTE-2015 call has been funded with around 7 M€.

The objective of the DECISIVE project is to demonstrate the ability to decrease the generation of urban waste (from household or assimilated) and increase recycling and recovery by focusing efforts on decentralised management and valorization of the organic fraction of waste, i.e. biowaste, in a short cycle. The project will thus contribute to change the management of urban organic material fluxes from a linear paradigm (import of goods without thoughtful interaction between external, peri- and intra-urban area, consumption, external disposal of waste) to a circular paradigm (responsible production and consumption and return of materials and energy to the production areas). It will help moving waste management towards a “Zero-Waste” strategy and to achieve the objectives of the European Resource Efficiency Roadmap.

GICOM, as partner of Decisive consortium, will be involved in the development of a marketable, eco-designed, solid-state fermentation process (SSF) to obtain some useful bioproducts and, at the same time, to valorize the residue from the digestion and/or the biowaste, closing the organic matter cycle. A particular attention will be paid to the way of collecting and using the products of the SSF process, especially through urban farming.