The background of GICOM in Composting offers a consolidated and solid base to further develop the bioprocessing of organic solid wastes under the new paradigm of waste-to-feedstock or waste-to-product through Solid-State Fermentation (SSF). The Group started to work in this new research line in 2010 and explores how a broad range of valuable products can be obtained from very diverse wastes such as oil-refining wastes, cow hair from leather industry or orange peels. So far we have succesfully produced: enzymes (lipase, protease, cellulase), biosurfactants and biopesticides. We are working further to get biofuels and other chemical compounds. The options appear infinite. That’s why SSF currently receives increasing attention by academia. However the main challenge remains being the process scale-up. Our research in this field is based on a reliable, easily scalable SSF process, based on our knowledge on Composting which is successfully undertaken at field scale. Simultaneouslly, we focus both in the production of novel products and their use in environmental applications or green chemical processes.