Oscar Mauricio Martínez Avila. Chemical engineer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2007) and M.Sc. in chemical engineering from the same institution (2012) focusing his activities in the removal of pollutants from industrial wastewaters through Advanced Oxidation Techniques (AOP’s). Additionally, almost 5 years of working experience in the environmental field particularly in the measurement and control of water pollutants. He also got a M.Sc. in Energy Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy (2014) working on an approach to integrate microalgae growth inside the municipal wastewater treatment cycle to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Currently, he is a PhD Student of the Environmental Science and Technology Doctorate Program of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona working on the valorization of agro-industrial residues for the production of Aroma Compounds using solid state fermentation.

Thesis supervisors: Raquel Barrena and Xavier Font