Dr. Antoni Sánchez is Professor in the Departament of Chemical Engineering of UAB (University Autònoma of Barcelona).

He is member of the Technological Centre for integrated treatment of water, liquid and solid waste streams (BIO- GLS), part of the TECNIO ACC1O Network for Research Groups with high rate of technology transfer (Government of Catalonia).

He is the Principal Investigator of the Research Group on Composting (GICOM), which currently has 20 members.

He has participated in 20 projects within regional, national and European calls in the field of biotechnology and especially environment technologies based on biological processes. In addition, he has participated in more than 40 contracts and technology transfer agreements with companies or governments.

His research focuses on environmental engineering and, more specifically, in the design and use of biological systems for the treatment of organic waste (composting and anaerobic digestion) and recently in nanotechnology for environmental remediation. As a result of this activity, he has published more than 95 indexed articles with more than 2500 citations.

More details of these publications can be found here.

He is currently Associate Editor of the journal Waste Management and member of the Editorial Board of the journal Bioresource Technology and Waste Management and Research, which are three publications that are the main references in the field of waste management and treatment.