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Composting Research Group from the Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering Departament at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.  

Lab equipment & activities

Composting & SSF pilot plant

Two 50 L reactor
Temperature or OUR control
On site porosity determination
Online monitoring of
- air flow
- temperature
- oxygen
- weight
Gas emission composition by GC-MS

Full scale sampling

Dynamic Respirometer

On-line respirometry

Anaerobic digester

100 L digester
Temperature controled
Biogas counting
Automatic feeding
Biogas composition by chromatography

Battery of Anaerobic Digesters

Six 2L anaerobic digesters
Biogas counting
Temperaure controlled

TEM image of magnetite nanoparticles

Full scale sampling

SEM image compost

SEM image vermicompost

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Latest Blog Posts

PhD offer

It is offered a PhD position to make the doctoral thesis in the context of solid state fermentation for the production of value-added products in laboratory and pilot scale. The thesis is to be developed in the framework of the DECISIVE project (A Decentralised management Innovative Scheme for valorization of

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Participation to ISEB 2016

  On June 1-3 was held in Barcelona the conference ISEB 2016, GICOM was there with the talk Microbial and operational strategies for a competitive solid-state fermentation by Teresa Gea.

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Participation to Orbit 2016

On May 25-28 was held in Heraklion, Crete, Greece the conference ORBIT 2016 Circular Economy and Organic Waste Management, 10th International Conference on “Circular Economy and Organic Waste”. GICOM was there with the talks: Sustained solid state fermentation of organic waste for continuous carbohidrases production A. Cerda, T. Gea, A. Sánchez. From

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